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Personalized Wooden Box

This handmade wooden keepsake box is made with hand cut dovetails, contrasting woods, and a personalized, hand-carved name on the sliding cover. 13″ x 9″

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Staked Stool

Staked style stool is strong and lightweight.  Three legs means it always sits flat and won’t rock on hard floors.  Shown with black walnut legs,

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Short Bench

Not the typical bench, this saw bench has a narrow stance intended for use with hand saws, or a wider stance makes a perfect seat!

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Compete with Manufacturing?

Handmade vs Manufactured “You can’t compete” is what they’ve always told me.  Craftsmen’s work is more expensive, but why?  Craftsmen can’t compete, or we refuse

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Boarded Bookcase

This bookcase is made of a simple board design and fastened with cut & forged nails for strength and a touch of style.  Designed for

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