the search for a saw

Sometimes it’s difficult to find tools made for woodworkers from 100 years ago.  Actually, considering at the life of woodwork, 100 years doesn’t sound like a long time.  It definitely speaks for the quality of work when Egyptians made mortise & tenon joints the same way since thousands of years ago.  It only changed somewhat recently when technology “improvements” came to light.

the rip saw

Getting back on track, I was looking for a rip saw.  

Having the right tool makes work go faster.  A rip saw cuts along the grain.  There are 2 in my tool box, but a BIGGER rip saw can rip BIGGER boards much faster.  This means I need a saw with bigger teeth and more of them, and I could only find one maker.  

I have a good sized Disston D100 for general ripping, but I’m hoping this new saw will conquer the 2” boards and resewing jobs in short time.  I also have a little Disston for the little stuff.  It’s cute.

the wait

Unfortunately, the maker got completely swamped with orders during the covid, and it took a long time to get here… a really long time.  But it finally showed up.

As I waited, I’m thinking: I’m running a business here and I need a solution.  I bought a portable table saw to help with rough ripping.  Sawstop, because I wouldn’t be very happy if the only power tool I’m using manage to cut off a finger.  The table saw has not been fun to use (I don’t blame the saw) and the fence broke after the 3rd time I used it (I do blame the saw).

You could say the wait was.. long.

the arrival

Now that the 48” rip saw, and oversized file, finally arrived, I am excited to build it up and give it a try.  This setup looks SOLID.  If it works as well as the table saw, which shouldn’t be hard, then the table saw might have to disappear.  Yay hand tools.

Actually, my biggest concern with this rip saw is my work bench might slide right across the floor.  Some extra bracing for the bench and maybe a bigger vice might be necessary. I don’t enjoy upgrades when I’d rather get work done, but sometimes you just gotta do it.

Happy sawing 🙂

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