Custom Furniture

Interested in custom projects?

I’ve always felt that doing custom work was a kind of obligation to the community.  It’s one big difference between a local craftsman and everything else made in bulk.

Custom work is available as variations of past furniture designs.  Stop in during shop hours to discuss options.  Starting with a project budget helps fit the design to your projects needs.


The process:

  1. Discuss the project
  2. Approve a design drawing
  3. Pay deposit & schedule the project
  4. Stop in for a checkpoint review
  5. Pickup when its finished
  6. Take photos and share with your friends!

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Lounge Chair

Ming Lounge Chair The lounge chair takes a focus on western-style shape with a Ming-style influence in simplicity and the mitered joinery.  The chair sits


Ming Cabinet This cabinet incorporates all my favorite features of a Ming-style piece, such as the table edge & bead pattern, mitered joinery all around

Sofa Table

Ming sofa TAble The Wooden Sofa is almost naked without the Sofa Table to serve your guests, or yourself, tea and treats.  The Wooden Sofa

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