Handmade furniture, made with real hands and traditional hand tools.

Unique Furniture Designs
Traditionally Handmade
Real wood & hand tools only
Strong & Sustainable
Furniture designs made to last
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Aesthetically, Knotty Woodpecker furniture can compliment various styles and genres. Quality-wise, it sits alone and will spoil your appetite for ever again buying fast furniture.
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The low table that Sean created for us perfectly fits a unique space! His respect for the natural beauty of the materials and attention to detail are obvious. While the design and wood selections in this piece were beautiful to begin with, we also love how sunshine, Sean's natural wood polish, and regular use of this practical piece have made it part of our home.
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Thank you for the beautiful work you have done for me. And the print out for your work so I know it when it is handed down.
Handmade Furniture

Traditionally Handmade

Traditional joinery has been proven through the test of time.  Each piece is made entirely with traditional hand tools only, with traditional joinery and techniques. 

We’re returning to the art of handmade.

Solid & Strong

The results are strong & long-lasting.  Made with solid wood and traditional joinery.

Made to last generations.

Natural, Timeless Finish

Using natural materials: oil, resin and beeswax.  Safe to use, safe to apply, and safe to eat on.  Non-toxic for us and the environment.

Restoring a finish from age & wear is easy as wiping on a new coat.  Scratches and dents will blend in with a touch of oil.

Sustainable Materials

Quality furniture will out-last the life of the tree.  This is the most sustainable use of our forests.

Using natural materials means they can safely return to nature, when they are ready.

About the Artist

Sean Archer


Knotty Woodpecker came together with an engineering background, an artistic history, and a life in Asia.  This became the pursuit of craftsmanship.

Style is influenced by traditional American hand tools and Ming Dynasty techniques:

bold & clean

simple & strong

exposing natural elements

Real woods and natural materials offer a sense of joy and peace to our lifestyle.  

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