Modern Traditional Woodcrafts

Not your typical woodshop, everything is made using traditional hand tools only, unplugged and without powertools. 

Unique Design

Designs include inspirations from traveling in SE Asia.  No plywood or particle board, and leaving the machines behind, these woodcrafts have a handmade look and feel.  Everything is made from solid woods with traditional, hand-cut joinery, and an oil finish.

Safe & Sustainable

Materials are natural & sustainable, safe for us and safe for the environment.  Finishes are made from natural oils and waxes.  With easy maintenance, they will outlast chemical finishes.  Selected wood types are local and sustainable.


Boarded Bookcase

This bookcase is made of a simple board design and fastened with cut & forged nails for strength and a touch of style.  Designed for

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Cherry Bookcase

A bookcase made with solid Cherry wood, and solid-wood joinery, in a framed design.  Like the upright version, this bookcase has an open back.  The

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Upright Cherry Bookcase

An upright bookcase made from American Cherry wood, using solid-wood joinery and a framed design.  Made using traditional, non-powered hand tools only. Contact for quote:

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