Handmade furniture, made with real hands and traditional hand tools.

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Lounge Chair

Ming Lounge Chair The lounge chair takes a focus on western-style shape with a Ming-style influence in simplicity and the mitered joinery.  The chair sits

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Ming Cabinet This cabinet incorporates all my favorite features of a Ming-style piece, such as the table edge & bead pattern, mitered joinery all around

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Sofa Table

Ming sofa TAble The Wooden Sofa is almost naked without the Sofa Table to serve your guests, or yourself, tea and treats.  The Wooden Sofa

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Ming Collection

Made for Emperors, Ming furniture is known for exquisit craftsmanship during 1300-1600s China.  The Ming Living Room Collection merges Ming and Western styles, offering an enlightened perspective on style, quality and simplicity.  

Made from solid American Cherry wood.


How to Order

Send an email or shop on Etsy to place an order.

Ask for a quote for gallery pieces & other requests.

All pieces handmade to order, 6-12 weeks.

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About the shop

Traditionally Handmade

Made with traditional hand tools and techniques.

Natural Materials

Solid hardwoods, hand-cut joinery & natural finish.

About the Craftsman

Sean Archer


Sean has been engineering for 15 years and hand-tool woodworking for 6 years.  Knotty Woodpecker came together with an artistic history and a life in Asia.  This became the pursuit of craftsmanship.

Style is influenced by traditional American hand tools using local woods & finishes, and Ming Dynasty furniture of elegant designs & strong joinery.

All pieces are made with real hands, natural materials, and traditional hand tools.



Knotty Woodpecker furniture owners:  Welcome to the Club! Now offering 25% discount for anyone who has a Knotty Woodpecker furniture piece. Welcome to the club?

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