Handmade furniture, made with real hands and traditional hand tools.

Gone Traveling!  Discovering more secrets of the craft.  (store is closed)

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Aesthetically, Knotty Woodpecker furniture can compliment various styles and genres. Quality-wise, it sits alone and will spoil your appetite for ever again buying fast furniture.
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The low table that Sean created for us perfectly fits a unique space! His respect for the natural beauty of the materials and attention to detail are obvious. While the design and wood selections in this piece were beautiful to begin with, we also love how sunshine, Sean's natural wood polish, and regular use of this practical piece have made it part of our home.
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Thank you for the beautiful work you have done for me. And the print out for your work so I know it when it is handed down.

Struggles of a Woodworker


Generalized Woodworker

“Hi, are you a woodworker?” Yes, traditional hand tools only. “Will you do my kitchen cabinets?” No “Will you make me a butcher block countertop?”

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About the Artist

Sean Archer


Knotty Woodpecker merges artistry, engineering and workmanship, with a touch of simplicity.  You may discover cultural inspiration in the designs from my time in Taiwan.

It came together with an engineering background, an artistic history, and a new life in Asia.  This became the pursuit of craftsmanship.

I realized real wood and natural materials in the home adds that missing sense of relaxation and peacefulness to our lifestyle.

Influences: Joinery from Ming Dynasty, simplicity from Shaker period, effective methods from Christopher Schwartz, hand tool style from Roy Underhill, re-defined perfection from Peter Follansbee

Peace of Mind

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