Woodcraft Care

Woodcrafts will remain durable and last many years with the right care, but may require gentle cleaning or a fresh coat of protection after long-term use. The wood color will naturally change and darken over the years, exposing the wood’s natural beauty. The change can be accelerated or delayed by the exposure to sunlight.


To care for woodcrafts so they will last a long time avoid harsh cleaners, dishwashers, soaking in water, boiling water, rainy weather, neighbors, careless friends or in-laws.  Outdoor conditions are not recommended and will significantly reduce the life of any wood finish.


Clean with a towel and water or light soap, without soaking the wood.  Dry and add oil to unfinished wood products after cleaning.


The key to a nice finish on wooden kitchenware is use and oil. After long term use and care, the wood will become more durable than the day you bought it.

Wood has a natural oil, and products are coated with a food safe finish. Soaking in food or water and washing with dish soap can remove some oil and finish from the wood and begin to feel dry. It may need to be restored by applying a bit of oil to the surface after use. Proper care and use will change the wood, becoming smoother, harder, long-lasting.

restore finish

We hope refinishing isn’t necessary until long term use and abuse.  You may consider restoring the finish when signs of wear appear, such as; cloudiness, cracks, or physical wear.  Restoring the finish is best done sooner than later.  To restore the finish:

  • Return to Knotty Woodpecker to re-finish for little or no cost.


  • Restore yourself.  Most products are finished with Tried & True products, or similar natural finishes.  Avoid removing stain during any refinishing process.