Woodcraft Care

I prefer using natural materials that are simple to maintain.  These woodcrafts are given beauty and strength with time, and they can last lifetimes.

Wood Care

Wood has natural oils to protect it. Without the oils, the wood will feel “dry” and may begin to crack.  Keep the oils in the wood, an it will last.

  • Avoid washing away the oils
  • Restore the oils by occasionally applying a cooking oil
  • Or protect with a more durable wood finish


Proper care means avoid anything that removes oils from the wood: avoid strong cleaners, dishwashers, soaking in water, boiling water, rainy weather.


Clean with a towel and water or light soap, without soaking the wood. It’s usually a good idea to oil the surface after using a strong dish soap.


Kitchenware is exposed to heat, water and soap, and the oils will need to be restored more often.  Wet the surface with kitchen oil or wood finish to the surface after washing, or whenever the wood feels dry. The wood can become more durable with age and need oiling less often.


Restoring the finish is easy:  Apply a coat of wood finish or similar oil & wax finish, and allow a few days to cure.  Occasionally restore the finish if it looks scratched, faded or you just want it to feel like new again. 

Knotty Woodpecker wood finish is a simple mix of natural oil and bees wax.  The oil will harden for a protective coat, and the bees wax will repel moisture and germs.

It also works on dry hands and natural leathers! 

(test leather before use)

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