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The secret to wood care is maintaining the “oiliness” of the wood.  Washing away the oils makes the wood feel “dry”, and dry wood is more likely to crack.  Fortunately, this natural finish is so easy to touch up.

How to Apply Finish

Wipe on Knotty Woodpecker beeswax finish to wet the area with a rag.  Remove excess.  Keep the piece in a warm place to cure faster.  If the wood feels or looks extra dry, apply 2 coats of beeswax finish, waiting at least 24 hours between coats.


How often does the finish need to be applied?  This question is typically answered with experience.  It depends how often the piece is used and washed.  A couple notes:

  1. Don’t ever put wood in the dishwasher or soak in water.  This can damage the wood and the finish.
  2. Using and washing a wooden piece daily with light soap might need oil once or twice a week, depending how “dry” the wood looks and feels.  As the piece ages and is properly cared for, it will become more durable and will not need to be re-finished as often.


Beeswax and wood are both naturally antibacterial.  Washing with soap on every use isn’t always necessary.


The goal to protect furniture is build up a tough finish.  The wood and finish get stronger with time.  To build up a solid finish, re-apply after 1 week, then 1 month, then 1 year.   Or, apply to “freshen” the appearance.


Use a wet rag.  Avoid using cleaning chemicals and vinegar, which can affect the wood color.

Light scrubbing may remove some of the finish, but wood is tough.  Re-apply 1 or more coats of beeswax finish. 

Scratches & Dents

Re-apply at the damaged area to blend in.


Wood has internal stress that may cause a crack as it grows/shrinks with the seasons, or from improper care or abuse.  Cracks on panels and near knots are more common, and usually don’t threaten the integrity of the piece. 

Knotty Woodpecker furniture can be repaired.  Get in touch to ask about concerns with a crack, or request a quote for repair.


Wood is tough, and it will change whether you’re nice to it or not, so don’t stress about it.  Let it do its thing, and enjoy its company.

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