2024 Update

I’ve fallen off the map for a while, so here are some updates.

social media

Most of us hate it, but we all still use it.  Can’t we all just agree to put an end to it all?  Someone has to say it.

Posting for a business is surprisingly exhausting, so when I get stretched thin, the posting is first to step aside.  Please don’t hold it against me, or forget about me.  On that note, I’ve decided to abandon Facebook for the 3rd time in my life.  I’m tired of its buggy software, getting locked out of my pages, and managing an additional account.  Please contact me via instagram, email, website or texting.

the woodshop

I took a step out of the woodshed to hit the books, studying Ming Dynasty furniture and joinery.  This is actual work:  I ordered books from China that I couldn’t get here, so I went to Taiwan to buy them and bring them back.  They are written in Chinese Chinese (simplified), not Taiwanese Chinese (traditional), which means the writing is a little different.  Some say traditional Chinese is prettier, because it is.

I’m not super familiar with simplified Chinese, so I have to use an electronic dictionary to write the characters and find the traditional translation.  Now, I have studied Chinese for a while, but my ability is not perfect, especially in the detailed subject of joinery.  So, after translating Chinese to Chinese, I then, more or less, translate Chinese to English, and then study what that means to me as a woodworker.  It wears out the brain.

Knife Sharpening

During this time I haven’t spent time at the shop, which means no knife sharpening.  It’s just too time consuming to schedule, pick up, drop off, and go in to the woodshed for a short time just to sharpen one or two knives.  I like helping people out, which is why I started knife sharpening, but I also need to spend my day making a living and paying the bills.  Studying woodwork doesn’t pay the bills either, which brings me to my next point.

How does Sean actually make a living?

Good question, thanks for asking.  When I’m not selling furniture, I also do some part time engineering work, and recently returned to my past life of videography.  Making social media videos, business videos, interviews, these have also been fun consuming my time.  Check out this work at seanarcherphoto.com and our new youtube series by CHOOCHOO-ca-CHEW.  It feels busy trying to work three jobs off and on, but sometimes it’s harder to just work one when you’re self employed.

To the Point

Knotty Woodpecker will return.  I’ve applied for a couple grants to give me a jump start (if I get one).  Woodcrafts will return with a fresh series of unique furniture, and a heavy Ming Dynasty influence added to the knotty woodpecker style.  Ming Dynasty joinery is as strong as it is unique.  The design phase will begin soon, followed by the build of a five piece set.  Stay in touch to follow the progress!

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