Lounge Chair

Ming Lounge Chair The lounge chair takes a focus on western-style shape with a Ming-style


Ming Cabinet This cabinet incorporates all my favorite features of a Ming-style piece, such as

Sofa Table

Ming sofa TAble The Wooden Sofa is almost naked without the Sofa Table to serve

Wooden Sofa

Ming wooden Sofa Similar to the famous opium beds from the movies, this all-wood, Ming-style

Coffee Table

Ming coffee table The Coffee Table is often the center of the living space.  This

Side Table

Ming Side Table This Ming Side Table is simple and clean, yet scattered with custom


Knotty Woodpecker furniture owners:  Welcome to the Club! Now offering 25% discount for anyone who

Handmade Furniture

Knotty Woodpecker is making handmade furniture with real hands and traditional hand tools.   Style

Custom Furniture

Interested in custom projects? I’ve always felt that doing custom work was a kind of

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