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About the Woodcraft

Knotty Woodpecker is about developing woodcrafts, furniture & custom projects using traditional tools. Traditional means hand planes, hand saws, and hand chisels, and traditional tools makes the traditional features possible. A clean, modern style is the goal, with a touch of various cultural influences. Keep an eye out for new designs, collaborations and travel experiences on the blog. I love to hear new ideas, so share your thoughts.

About the Craftsman

Hand tools only! Woodwork and crafts are made using traditional, non-powered hand tools.  Home-base is in Rochester, MN, and the wood shop is small and mobile so I can take it on the road when I travel, or work in remote locations. Design influences stem from an engineering background, a hint of cultural exposure from my travels, and the desire for a lifestyle of simplicity and integrity.  Photography continues to be an important tool in promoting myself and other small businesses, not to mention sharing my view the world.

Why the Hard Way?

LIFESTYLE – Leaving the busy world to slow down and do it right.  Developing a healthy body and healthy mind is most important.

TRAVEL – Seeing the world and learning of culture are necessary.  The small workshop can break down and travel with me, or to you.

LESS WASTE – Eliminating the need for power tools, warehouse space and general waste, my footprint remains small and friendly.

Lets Work Together

Whether I can help with photography, custom woodcrafts, or want to come up with some fun ideas, I’d like to hear from you. Working together is what keeps it interesting.

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