What is the Rochester Makers Market?

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The Rochester Marketplace Rochester Makers Market is an effort to bring people together: artists, craftsmen & services, connecting local businesses with the local people.  The makers of Rochester want to serve local people, and local people want to find local makers.

How it started

Art by Debra D'Souza, Melissa Eggler, Ian Hanson, Sarah Hill

Things have changed in the last few weeks.  I just opened a small shop to get out and be seen.  A few weeks later it’s closed and I’m back where I started.  And I’m not the only one!

Local makers are scattered about.  Some have physical stores (closed), some have online stores, and many only pop-up for the big season of spring markets (all cancelled).  It’s too difficult for customers to find local makers.

With everyone staying home and jumping online, it opens an opportunity to bring the makers together in this online platform.   We decided to donate our time to make this happen, offering online hosting, product photography, and shipping/pickup services.  All income goes straight to the makers.  We thank our friends for promoting the Rochester Makers Market by getting the word out and bringing the makers together.

Moving Forward

Canvas art by Ian Hanson, The Spur Trail

We hope the world returns to normal soon, and we will continue offering our services to help get things moving. But it shouldn’t end there. We think the makers are better off standing together, giving the people a place to find local and buy local. In the future, continuing the Rochester Makers Market with a sustainable operation sounds like the right thing to do.

If you feel the marketplace is helpful for you, please share your opinion with us, share the Rochester Makers Market with others, or go shopping!

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