Struggles of a Woodworker


The Glory of Social Media

One of the many glorious jobs of a one-man business is social media marketing.  With a past life in programming, I feel qualified to say the social media apps are some of the buggiest, most-unreliable software out there.  Keep this in mind when contacting a business via social media.

Here’s the current buggy situation: I don’t get a notification for new messages on instagram, (yes, I know how settings work) nor do I get an “unread message” indicator.  I don’t get a notification for any messages or comments on my facebook app.  In fact, I can’t even access my facebook business page to make changes.  (Fortunately, the page has a second person with access.)

Managing a social media business account would cost about 25% of my sales if I hired out, so you can imagine the large investment necessary for a crappy return: leaving customers hanging, potentially angry or annoyed, because the apps are broken.  Yes, I’d love opt out, but it helps me show you that I exist, and I’m not ready to transfer all that online spam to daily phone calls.

Ever had an issue with a small business?  Give them a break.  We’re all just doing our best.



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