Real Furniture, Something Unique

Made with hand tools only.
What does that mean?

Perfection can seem misleading.  Not every edge needs to be straight, not every surface needs to be flat.  The ‘edges’ on the tabletop are hardly visible, but it’s pleasing to the touch.  Lines and bumps left behind are signs of the hand tools used to make the piece, as if it’s saying “this is who I am”.  Every surface is left with a blade-cut finish, a feeling nothing like the results of sandpaper.  This perfection is found in the details of
the “flaws”.

About Joinery

Traditional hand tools and traditional joinery are made for each other.  These traditions are mastered through the centuries and proven reliable.  There’s no point making new-age, power tool joinery with hand tools.  Let’s stick to tradition.

About Finish

Wood is strong and natural.  Let’s not cover it with harmful materials.  Natural oil reinforces the wood and shows off its beauty.  Natural wax protects from moisture, natural resin gives added strength, and together they protect from nature’s natural decay.  Most importantly, this finish is easily repaired and restored, with just a tin and a rag!

Natural Wood Finish

Final Look

A unique look, and a pleasure to touch, Knotty Woodpecker furniture ages in a way you’d think was designed by nature itself.  The surfaces will harden with use, hold memories of its owner, and tell you about its creator.  It’s not machine-shop perfection.  Instead, it feels alive, like a part of the family.

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