Upright Bookshelf

Extra tall, extra deep bookshelf measures 7 ft tall, 32 inches wide, and 18 inches deep.  Use it to split a room with books stored on both sides, or extra deep storage against the wall.

Shown in pine wood with a natural finish.  The top corners are dovetailed for style and strength, and the shelves are held in place with traditional-style wrought nails.

7′ tall – 32″ wide – 18″ deep

50% deposit to place your order.




Natural oil and bee wax, leaving a natural look and feel. The finish is easily refreshed by wiping on natural wood finish.


Dimensions, style and wood can be adjusted for your style or requirements.  Get in touch to start a unique project!


Local pickup or delivery is free in Rochester, MN.  Please ask for a quote for shipping or delivery outside Rochester, MN.

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