Knife sharpening service

$10 per knife (or per sharp edge). 

Sharpening service does not include serrated edges (like bread knives) or repairs (bends, chips, loose handles).


1.  Wrap up your knives.   Fold up each knife into multiple sheets of paper and tape it shut.  Include your name and phone number in the package.

2.  Drop off at the shop during store hours: Thu-Sat 12-7pm.

Or, mail to:

Knotty Woodpecker

307 East Center St.

Rochester, MN 55902


3.  Pick them up when they are ready!  (I’ll send you a message.)  If you purchased online with shipping, then they will be mailed back to you.


Knives will be sharpened by hand with oil stones. Two coarse stones are used to reshape the edge. Two Arkansas stones are used to refine the edge. The knives will be cleaned with alcohol before being carefully wrapped.

Why oil stones?  This is how I sharpen my tools a few days a week!  The steel used in my tools (and my kitchen knives) is prone to rust.  Using oil instead of water makes rust proofing much easier!

Why Arkansas stones?  I’m a sucker for tradition, using natural materials, and buying local.  These Arkansas stones were cut out of mines in Arkansas.

Why by hand?  All my work is done using hand tools only (unplugged).