Real Wood

…as lumber cut from the tree.  I only use woods that are locally grown and abundant. Trees are one of our most useful and reliable natural resources.  We can’t live without them!  When done responsibly, removing trees is a natural part of natures cycle.

Using Real Woods

Types of Wood There is real wood, and then there is the rest: Plywood is thin sheets of wood glued together.  Particle board is like

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Natural Finish

I stick to using finishes that are natural and food safe, and sometimes I make my own! (from kitchen store ingredients)

In the beginning, it all started with the common, commercial finishes.  They smell terrible and requiring well-ventilated spaces.  I started to wonder: Is this bad for my health?  What about your health?  And, what about the environment?  (consider the fishes)

This lead me to traditional methods: using natural materials.  My preference includes linseed oil, bees wax and tree resin. They are made by nature, and super easy to apply, and re-apply!  A piece that looks a little dry or worn out just needs a fresh coat of finish wiped on.  Don’t worry about making a mess.  It’s natural, food safe, and good for the skin! 

I use it on leather too!  But always test it out first.  Not all leathers are made the same.

Natural Glue

Hide glue is natures glue: a natural glue made from animal proteins.  It is as strong and reliable as plastic-like glues, but with added benefits.  This glue is re-usable!  If it hardens, it can be re-softened and used again.  If your furniture is glued together, it can be un-glued for repairs!  This glue also absorbs into the wood a little differently, which is preferred by some woodworkers when fitting up joints.  And my favorite part: it’s friendly to nature.

So why doesn’t everyone use it?  It has to be heated up.  Yes, it’s inconvenient.  But, if that means your favorite chair can be repaired when your new puppy chewed off the leg, then it’s worth the extra effort!

Using Natural Materials

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