Natural Materials

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Natural materials are reusable, safely disposable, compostable, safe to use, friendly, sustainable, and renewable.  What’s not to love?

My goal is operating a business that minimizes harm to myself and others, while offering a respectable craft.  I wish every business to do the same, but I’ll start with my own.


Wood is my craft and a great material: natural, sustainable, renewable, and nature loves it.  This is my livelihood.

Sourcing knotty woodpecker wood:

  • Local trees or local lumber
  • Species that are locally grown, abundant, available, and not endangered
  • Real wood, meaning no plywood, particle board, bamboo board, nothing soaked in glue

More about Using Real Woods


Too many commercial finishes are nasty, smelly, and dangerous to myself and others.  Natural finishes are typically oils and waxes.  This means most knotty woodpecker finishes are food safe.  Other materials include natural pigment paints, natural soap finish, and natural tree resin.

More about A Reliable & Natural Finish


It’s hard to sell without shipping these days!  I reduce, reuse and choose recyclable materials for packaging.  Using anything else just feels wasteful.

No-Waste Goal

Natural materials can ALWAYS be reused!  If you can’t, then nature can.  Large wood scraps are used for smaller projects.  Small scraps and shavings are used for mulch, fire starters, or smoking food!  Shipping materials are reused for packaging.  And TOOLS!  They can all be resharpened, repaired, and even re-made!  Disposable is disgusting. 

Why all the effort?

I don’t want to help destroy the world (I don’t need that karma), and I do want to set a good example.  It is difficult: there are so many wasteful habits to unlearn, followed by good habits to develop.  Some people do try to live better.  Unfortunately, businesses create so much waste, going unnoticed, and no one is taking responsibility.  It’s a good time for change.

Both my household and business operates without trash service.  It was an important step to help realize exactly how wasteful we can be, and how not wasteful we can become!

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