Ming Lounge Chair

The lounge chair takes a focus on western-style shape with a Ming-style influence in simplicity and the mitered joinery.  The chair sits well with good posture, has a slight flex in the seat and back, and a light-weight but sturdy feel, appropriate for the professional office and the home living room.

The seat, back and feet are leather-wrapped.  The seat is made using traditional jute webbing and horse hair filling.  The back also holds a light horse hair cushion, held in place with brass hardware, and gives a short flex when pressed.


Natural Finish
  • Made entirely from solid Cherry hardwood and natural glue.
  • Ming-style mortise & tenon joinery
  • Handmade with traditional hand tools
  • Leather back cushion & seat cushion with horse hair filling
  • Leather feet
  • Made from 20 pieces
  • Handcrafted with care, each piece is unique and no two pieces are exactly alike.

Finished with layers of natural oil, resin and beeswax: waterproof, non-toxic, anti-bacterial.  This finish is easy to restore & refresh simply by wiping on a thin coat of the natural finish.  The surface will harden with age and polish with use.

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17 1/2″W x 21 1/2″D x 36″H

Knotty Woodpecker furniture, traditionally designed and handcrafted, demonstrates the beauty of natural materials after decades of use, becoming a living piece of history.  Made to reveal natural beauty and built to last.

ming lounge chair

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Finished Cherry wood swatch, a perfect example of Cherry wood, natural finish, and a hand-tool feel.

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Touch-up & refresh Knotty Woodpecker furniture

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