Struggles of a Woodworker


How to Engage a Woodworker

A woodworker in its natural environment is not easily startled or scared off, but that doesn’t mean caution should be ignored. The key is proper engagement: take a slow, direct approach until you’re noticed. Once you are noticed, remain bold and hold your ground. The typical signal is eye contact and/or their natural sounds, such as “hello” or “good morning.” While these sounds may seem scary and aggressive, quite the opposite is true. This is your opportunity to engage. Running for cover at this point will only antagonize the woodworker.

Woodworkers prefer to spend their time in the wild serving others. A strong misconception is interpreting the overly direct speech and tone as hostile, when in fact this speech is the result of concentration, a necessary quality needed to survive in their natural environment. Once you have properly engaged, only good intentions will follow.



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