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Asian-inspired design & American Cherry wood; a clean style with maximum effect.

A traditional, hand-tool build molded into a mid-century interpretation, with the local woods and a touch of leather.

Rustic, farmhouse feel of solid Pine and hand-forged features.  For those craving handmade character in daily life.

Traditionally Handmade

Traditional joinery has been proven through the test of time.  Each piece is made entirely with traditional hand tools only, with traditional joinery and techniques. 

We’re returning to the art of handmade.

Solid & Strong

The results are strong & long-lasting creations.

  • Traditional joinery has seen the test of time.  (Dovetails!)
  • Hand tools weed out the weakness.
  • Real, solid wood maintains the natural strength.

Created with the intention to last generations.

Natural, Timeless Finish

Using natural materials: oil, resin and beeswax.  Safe to use, safe to apply, and safe to eat on, they are non-toxic for us and the environment.

Restoring a finish from age & wear is easy as wiping on a new coat.  Scratches and dents will blend in with a touch of oil.

Wood has memory we can embrace.  Polished from the touch of your hands to age-old mishaps.  Memories are worth keeping.

Sustainable Materials

Wood is our most-useful natural resource, and we can’t live without it.  Well-made furniture can out-last the life of the tree, the only sustainable use of our forests.
Waste is minimized to almost zero trash.  Wood scraps are used for smaller projects & firewood, and shavings will mulch the garden.
Wood, finish & glue all come from nature and will return safely to nature.  Leather, metals & organic fabrics are used on certain details.  Plastics are avoided entirely.

How to Order

Stop by the shop, or get in touch!  Some pieces are available, others are customizable & made to order.

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