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What is knotty woodpecker?

It’s a woodshop, it’s a home goods store, it’s a furniture store.  We offer custom furniture and knife sharpening services, and sell delicious tea.  Our goals are sustainability, using natural materials and buying & selling local.

Yes!  In fact, most furniture projects are custom.  I’ve also been known to make custom kitchen utensils on occasion.  Stop by the shop to discuss your project.

In the store!  The woodwork is made using 100% traditional hand tools only and safe, natural materials (including the wood finish) which keeps the woodshop pretty small.  Everything is made start-to-finish in the store space.

Mostly American (USA) woods because we have lots of it.  There’s no telling if those imported tropical woods are sustainable and ethically sourced.  Wood sources are local lumber yards and local tree trimming.  It depends on what is available and what is requested.

Most projects use a natural oil finish including resin and beeswax, but I have made natural stains for some projects.  I don’t use commercial stains.

Not really, but there are some scraps and extra hand tools in the shop.  If there’s something you’re looking for, then I might be able to help you out.

I occasionally carve bowls when fresh wood is available, but I don’t do lathe work (turning).  And yes, lathes did exist before electricity.

I only use natural materials and natural finishes.  Epoxy is basically wrapping the wood in plastic… ew.

Built-ins are not my focus (and I don’t use plywood), but I will turn wood into what you need with the materials and methods I work with.  Who would rather have built-ins over freestanding furniture anyway?

I often compare and match pricing of similar power tool woodwork (as most woodworkers probably do, unless they’re retired), but there are many factors such as build quality to consider.  Because hand tools were developed alongside traditional, high-quality joinery and build methods, they tend to work best with that type of high-quality work.

There are many reasons.  Here’s what I think: it’s safer, cleaner, learning a hand craft is more valuable, to hang on to traditions, escape reliance on machines, I don’t like fixing machines, for a break from technology, the feeling, the process, the textures, the exercise, to be different, to stand out, to be a minimalist, to escape the new age woodwork consumer market, and many more.  Feel free to come ask about it.

Mineral oil is an inexpensive petroleum product.  Cutting board oil is usually just mineral oil.  It kills coral & fish, and it does weird things to our stomachs.  It doesn’t dry, leaving the wood feeling… oily.  There are better options that do a better job protecting you, your cutting boards, and the fishes like flaxseed oil, walnut oil, natural resin and beeswax.

Yes!  We prefer working with local makers who are devoted to their craft and their business. Please bring your work in to give us an introduction!

Located in Rochester, MN, everything is made using hand tools only, natural materials and traditional, high-quality techniques.