Ming wooden Sofa

Similar to the famous opium beds from the movies, this all-wood, Ming-style sofa is made entirely from solid Cherry wood with a traditional lattice design.  Lay down for an afternoon nap, or sit cross-legged with the added mid-table holding a traditional tea set for a comfortable, formal setting.  This piece speaks for the designer who searches for a unique and powerful ambiance.

The entire sofa sits only on four corner legs, speaking to the integrity of Ming joinery.  Though wood seats are surprisingly comfortable, you will not be scorned for adding seat cushions if you prefer a soft touch.


Natural Finish
  • Made entirely from solid Cherry hardwood and natural glue.
  • Ming-style mortise & tenon and dovetail locking joinery
  • Handmade with traditional hand tools
  • Unique, burnished finish created by traditional hand planes
  • Handmade wooden frame back & sides
  • Leather feet
  • Made from 123 pieces
  • Handcrafted with care, each piece is unique and no two pieces are exactly alike.

Finished with layers of natural oil, resin and beeswax: waterproof, non-toxic, anti-bacterial.  This finish is easy to restore & refresh simply by wiping on a thin coat of the natural finish.  The surface will harden with age and polish with use.

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84″W x 37″D x 26″H

Knotty Woodpecker furniture, traditionally designed and handcrafted, demonstrates the beauty of natural materials after decades of use, becoming a living piece of history.  Made to reveal natural beauty and built to last.

ming wooden Sofa (sofa only)

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ming Sofa Table (Table Only)

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Finished Cherry wood swatch, a perfect example of Cherry wood, natural finish, and a hand-tool feel.

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Touch-up & refresh Knotty Woodpecker furniture

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