About the Craft

Natural Materials

Natural materials are reusable, safely disposable, compostable, safe to use, friendly, sustainable, and renewable.  What’s not to love? My goal is operating a business that

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Traditional Joinery

Traditional joinery is meant to be made with traditional hand tools.    I offer traditional joinery with lifetime durability in mind. Two Great Things about Traditional

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Using Real Woods

Types of Wood There is real wood, and then there is the rest: Plywood is thin sheets of wood glued together.  Particle board is like

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A Guarantee

Wood: It is organic; it moves, grows, shrinks, twists, and changes color.  It’s also extremely durable!  My craft is changing raw wood into something useful,

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Friend Policy

Store Policy?  This isn’t you and a store.  It’s just you and me.  How about Friend Policy ? My Policy I’m here to make friends,

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Woodcraft Care

There are 2 methods for caring for woodcrafts.  I prefer natural materials that are simple to maintain.  These woodcrafts are given beauty and strength with

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