Be Awesome, Buy Local

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I’m not saying you have to buy locally from me, but if you’d like to, you can do that here: Shop Knotty Woodpecker

I’m saying buying local makes you awesome.  It’s harder than it looks, because buying not-local also makes us not-awesome.  And, it’s not always obvious.

Watch the Money

Tell me if this story makes sense:

Story A – Bob, the blacksmith, buys cool stuff from Local Craftsman down the street.  Local Craftsman now has a little cash to buy that new tool he always wanted, from the local blacksmith, Bob.  The money goes around in circles as everyone supports each other.  Everyone has work and everyone gets paid.

Story B – Now, let’s pretend Bob didn’t buy form the Local Craftsman.  Instead he orders uncool stuff from overseas because it’s cheaper.  Bob got his stuff, but now that cash has gone far away.  The Local Craftsman does not get paid, he does not buy his new tool from Bob, and Bob loses a sale.

If we keep our spending local, then the money comes back around to support ourselves and everyone around us.  “Be awesome, buy local” has a new meaning: supporting others AND your own well-being.

Where to Shop local

This is the motivation behind, a collection of handmade goods by local makers, so they can be seen and so you know where to find them.

Don’t forget to check out Knotty Woodpecker.  We do our best to keep it both local and natural, also called environmentally friendly.  😊


How often should we shop local?

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