Struggles of a Woodworker


Approval of the Passerby

My favorite people are my customers, because they approve of my work. My second favorite people are those who strongly oppose my work, because it gives me something to think about. Some just call me stupid, in their own polite way, and that’s ok. “The vulgar deem him mad, and rebuke him; they do not see that he is inspired.”

The really interesting passerby appears insulted by my methods. Does my self-reliance cause you pain? Is my effort unsightly? The most difficult to talk to, as they’re often stuck in shock, I’ve never really understood why. Why would you till a garden with a spoon? Well, I’m not tilling with a spoon, but a spade that’s proven effective for centuries in skilled hands, emphasis on “skilled”. My favorite stories recently are about old carpenters building at a speed that our power tools can’t do today. It’s work, yes. Work builds integrity, and integrity is the source of happiness.



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