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About the Craft

With our new store, we aim to support local makers and sustainable products.  Helping and relying on local people leads to a healthy world, healthy nature and a healthy community. 

These woodcrafts are made with traditional hand tools only: planes, chisels and saws.  Many of the tools are over 100 years old.  Power tools are never used in the cutting of this work.  It’s not just about following the classical approach, but also searching for balance in today’s ever-expanding technology-based world.  Hand tools bring us back to the basics.

Everything is made with real wood (no plywoods or particle boards) and made with real joints, withstanding the test of time and made to last.  These woods are sustainable, grown in North America, not the exotic woods being driven to extinction.  Natural glues are used when possible, and wood finishes are grown by nature (and hydrate dry skin too!).

Sean Archer


Hello, I’m Sean.

I enjoy living simply, and using hand tools in all parts of life.  I dig the garden with a shovel and deal with the snow in the same way: with a shovel.  Even my espresso machine doesn’t have a power cord, but I have been caught using power tools on the rare occasion.

My crazy history includes music production, video production, automotive engineering, and mechanical design.  I’ve spent time traveling the world, learning Chinese, and discovering Taiwanese culture.  Those who follow me know I’m hopelessly attached to CHOOCHOO-ca-CHEW.

Being a craftsman gives me a chance to escape the crazy world and leave something useful behind.