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Shop home goods & gifts, unique woodcrafts, and more local makers in downtown Rochester.

knotty woodpecker

Rochester, MN

Local wood, local products & local people leads to a healthy world and healthy community. 

Woodcrafts made with traditional hand tools only: saws, planes, & chisels.  Hand tools bring us back to the basics.

Made with local woods, natural glues and natural finishes.  No plastic, plywood, or polyurethane.

Real Furniture, Something Unique

A unique look, and a pleasure to touch, Knotty Woodpecker furniture ages in a way you’d think was designed by nature itself. The surfaces will harden with use, hold memories of its owner, and tell you about its creator. It’s not machine-shop perfection. Instead, it feels alive, like a part of the family.

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Sean Archer


Hello, I’m Sean.

I enjoy living simply, and using hand tools in all parts of life.  I dig the garden with a shovel and deal with the snow in the same way: with a shovel.  Even my espresso machine doesn’t have a power cord, but I have been caught using power tools on the rare occasion.

Being a craftsman gives me a chance to escape the crazy world and leave something useful behind.