A Green Beginning

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I'm sorry, for being complicated

It will all make sense soon enough.  (I hope!) 

What’s great about making furniture using-hand-tools only is the freedom!  Find some wood and make something!  Need a tool?  Make that too!

What about green woodworking?  Even more freedom!  Taking down a tree from the back yard and turning that into your living room center piece gives it a whole new meaning.  Unfortunately, that means more tools, more practice, more learning, and that’s where I’m at.

Bring it together

Back to knotty woodpecker being complicated:  focused on furniture, kitchenware and jewelry, with a green-woodworking influence.  I will support the local lumberyard because it’s a great resource and I don’t want it to go away.  But, I will also use that fresh cut log!  Why?  Because I can, because there’s a pleasing feeling that comes with starting with the most-raw materials and creating to the end, and because I love showing everyone that I can skip generally accepted drying methods and watch them cringe as I dry an almost-finished product in weeks instead of years!  Let the lost arts return.


So that’s where I’m at, and this is where I’ve been recently:

Completing a plate and very small bowl.  I’m mostly happy with how these turned out, but I’ll hold off until I develop a bit more consistency before setting a standard for selling. 

Kitchen utensils also on the way.  And, as usual, 1 new tool would really speed things up!

Please share how you feel about these pieces!  Your interest keeps me going!

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