A Digital Workshop

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With our state going on lockdown at midnight tonight, many people are driven towards an online marketplace to continue business.  It’s difficult taking custom orders, showing samples and introducing my ‘hand-tools-only’ building methods without a physical workspace on display.  Now, we do what we can.

We have extended my online store to Etsy, Facebook, and the Knotty Woodpecker Store, attempting to extend our reach and online availability.  Many artists and craftsmen have also come together to help create the Rochester Marketplace collection, where we have offered free product photography and online hosting for local makers.  I hope this Rochester Marketplace project remains operating after we return to a more normal lifestyle, ideally as a dedicated webpage.  Time will tell.

The shop feels quite empty, working alone in a large building, but there are a few projects to keep us moving.  Carving projects will likely consume what is left of the greenwood stash, for bowls and utensils.  The first of the new furniture collection just may become a reality, starting with end tables decorated in cherry wood and unique carvings. 

To bring the shop into the digital world, we may experiment with more IG videos or live viewing, and see if that brings in some interest.  We have already been requested to do a digital tea tasting (this is a side project starting up in Choochoo-ca-Chew).  Digital tea tasting actually sounds kind of nice right now. 

What kind of woodshop videos or live events would you like to see?

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